Cinderella & Me – Looking for a Prom Date

21 03 2010

How’s your NCAA bracket? Not surprisingly, mine’s doing great! I failed to submit one  this year, so Murphy says I’m going to do the best ever! Growing up in Ithaca, NY, and having family nearby in Syracuse, I had to go with Cornell and Syracuse. Living in the East Bay and following Omar Samhan and the Gaels of Saint Mary’s, I’m riding their win streak as well; and, being a fan of the Pac 10, I gave both Cal and Washington one win a piece.  Those were the sentimental picks that have provided me more wins than I had ever expected. I only wish I had a relative in Northern Iowa… Oh well, who would have picked them to knock of Kansas? Many potential Cinderella’s remaining however. Who’s going to the big dance?.

As the Cinderella story unfolds in the tournament, my dance card is also looking to be filled. A significant shareholder of Teamwrkx Construction, I have recently come to the conclusion with my business partner to close and dissolve the San Francisco entity, consolidating the existing staff and projects into the San Jose office. I have elected to continue my focus on serving the Greater San Francisco region, rather than working from San Jose. With the regional competition as strong as it is, I feel the only viable option to serve San Francisco’s sophisticated market place is to serve it from within. Hence, my search for the best option to apply my skill set and lessons learned over these past two and a half years.

Although I’m optimistic about the prospective opportunities, I am further energized about the potential direction of the construction industry as evidenced by the requirement for design and engineering professionals in the various executive search websites. For instance, just to mention a few, I have noticed Gensler San Francisco actively looking for a project architect and urban designer. SmithGroup is looking to add architectural designers with health care and industrial experience. Hooks ASD may be looking for junior design assistance when some of the active projects begin to move forward.

So, as the velocity of the office leasing market is showing signs of life compared to this time in 2009; and, the architectural, design and engineering communities are looking to add personnel; there’s a very cautious sense that the construction of commercial interiors should see increased activity by end of 2010.

Much like the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the local construction industry is loaded with talent; some of which companies are blue chip prospects, while others are certainly the underdogs by virtue of experience and volume. However, in this day and age where service and value matter most, it’s not always the size of the dog in the fight, but more often, the size of the fight in the dog that determines who will earn the business, and who will make the best partner for your.  Future posts will include criteria for selecting the best general contractor for your project. Responsible business practices are key to survival and value enhancement.



One response

22 03 2010
Karen Grimmett

Thanks for the market analysis! We’ll be expanding into new office space soon and wish you had an east-coast contingent.

Good luck w/ the dance card!


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