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15 03 2010

Welcome to the inaugural post from the Construction Corner, recognized as the leading resource for accurate, timely and relevant commercial construction information. Real estate professionals, architects, engineers and designers, building owners and managers, facilities managers and construction managers will find this site useful for tracking current trends and issues affecting the commercial real estate and construction industries. Your participation and recommendations for content are encouraged in order for the site to evolve at a rapid pace, and to be pertinent to your requirement for useful information.

Future posts will include the following:

  • Current Trends in Non-Residential Construction
  • Engaging Your AEC Team Early
  • The Value of Preconstruction Services
  • Understanding the Costs of General Conditions
  • Design/Bid/Build or Design/ Build?
  • Involving Third Party Services
  • Qualifying the Contractor
  • Guest Articles and contributions from design professionals,  construction managers, project managers and more

To leave you with a little bit of useful data, the Turner Building Cost Index reports that Q409 costs decreased 2.06%. According to Turner Vice President, Karl F. Almstead, “The decrease in construction costs is reflective of decreased private sector development and investment. Commodity prices have slightly increased due to global demand, but have not resulted in upward pressure on construction pricing. The competitive condition in the building construction industry is driving labor to increase productivity, therefore reducing labor costs.” The same report states that construction costs slid by 8.4% overall in 2009.

According to Jim Haughey on the Reed Construction Data news feed, Nonresidential construction drops 22% since October 2008. “For lease” construction spending will continue to fall slowly until late 2010. The largest declines were reported in the hotel (11%) and manufacturing (5%) sectors.  He noted that the trend of for lease office buildings has been trending up since the cyclical low point of June last year, and should realize an increase in amount of work under later in 2010.

March Madness is upon us; who will be the Cinderella of 2010?

Walter Payton
“I want to be remembered as the guy who gave his all whenever he was on the field.”



3 responses

16 03 2010

Nice way to kick off the new blog. Are you headed to the Real Estate Deals of the Year next week? Looking forward to more posts.

16 03 2010
Gary Wells

When and where is the Award Ceremony? Maybe SmithGroup would like to invite me as their guest…

17 03 2010

Ha. Maybe the other way around!! SmithGroup isn’t inviting ME as their guest.


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